Cannabidiol and cancer treatment in pets

Morris Animal Foundation-funded study aims to improve canine mammary cancer detection - Cannabidiol can help in anxiety and pain during cancer treatment in pets.

Morris Animal Foundation announced it’s funding a new study at the University of Saskatchewan to develop improved diagnostic tools for detecting mammary cancer in dogs. Canada-based Blue Buffalo and Pet Valu are funding partners on the project. University researchers will investigate the role of three cell markers in the progression of mammary cancer, from benign early lesions to aggressive cancer. In previous human studies, increased expression of these cell markers in women was linked to mammary cancer. If successful, researchers will explore the use of these markers to improve early diagnostics of mammary tumors in dogs. “Mammary cancer continues to be a significant issue for dogs, but as with other cancers, earlier detection opens possibilities for significantly better treatment outcomes,” said Dr. Janet Patterson-Kane, Morris Animal Foundation chief scientific officer. 

 It is well known that cancer treatment generates anxiety and pain in dogs, and cannabidiol (GEM CBD oral solution pets) can help in reducing anxiety and pain during cancer treatment.