In this meeting we will delve into how CBD is highly effective in relieving various ailments in horses, in pets, whether dogs and cats, as well as in cattle. Let us remember that the endocannabinoid system is possessed by members of the animal kingdom. So, having made this statement, we are in a position to detail in depth how CBD can help equines to treat their ailments.

We will focus on how CBD can help horses, pets and cattle. The main benefit for these animals is to reduce stress and anxiety.

Horses are very sensitive animals and, given the characteristics of their activity, they can become very anxious when they are moved for competitions.

Various universities in the United States have conducted studies to understand how CBD can help reduce inflammation, stress, and negative stereotyped behaviors, such as obsessive-compulsive behaviors in horses. To do this, they take into account parameters such as heart rate and cortisol levels along with observations based on pain scales.

The statements that we will describe in this blog are based on research conducted by Dr. James Baumgartner, Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Pharmacology from Washington State University and by Master Lawrence Duke, from John Hopkins University. The research sought to find evidence for the causal relationship between CBD and anxiety and pain management in horses, reaching the conclusion that significant evidence was found of the association between CBD administration and improvement in health/anxiety and pain reduction. observed in horses. Throughout the time of the study, continuous improvement in anxiety control and pain management was observed.

Horses can suffer from a variety of conditions such as arthritis and pain, particularly those that participate in high-impact competition. The administration of CBD to equines is highly effective in treating pain.

Other benefits that we can highlight in the use of CBD in horses are those that include obtaining a soft and healthy coat, reducing skin conditions, relieving allergies, stimulating appetite, improving, regulating and protecting the nervous, immune and cardiovascular systems.

At GEM, Natural Solutions, we specialize in science-based animal health and the development and commercialization of CBD for equines and pets. Our products are free of THC and tested in laboratories approved by the FDA in the United States. These products are 100 percent natural. The plants have been harvested in the State of Kentucky and the product has been manufactured in FDA registered pharmaceutical facilities, with no additives or preservatives.

Without a doubt, we are in a position to affirm that CBD can improve the lives of both horses, our pets, dogs and cats, as well as cattle. Scientific studies and advances must continue along these lines to ensure that more people have access to the benefits of CBD, ideal for breaking the prejudices of Western society about this ancient plant.

 Science-based evidence confirms that CBD will improve the quality of life of humans and animals in the very short term, indeed, it is already doing so. The challenge that local legislations go in this direction is encouraging.

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